Talented Expatriate Workers in Indonesia
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2013-03-08 01:30:03 UTC
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In certain countries, such as Indonesia, unlike Singapore, it is
difficult to know for sure the number of talented workers, expatriates,
that work in Jakarta and other major cities. The reason is because of
"GENGSI," or prestige of a nation. If the world heard that Indonesia
employs 1,000,000 talented workers from America and the West to run its
economy, as it does now according to reliable sources, that meant that
the locals, graduates from ITB, graduates from UI, and graduates from
other big universities in Indonesia are not worth a shit for the
country, useless! And this is not good for the prestige of a nation. And
so, everything about the number of expatriates who are now working in
Indonesia is kept tightly SECRET for the sake of the prestige of a
nation. Right now the estimate is about a million expatriate workers.
But according to friends and acquaintances who frequently traveled back
and forth to Indonesia, they said that there are many more than that.
I agree with them.

It is a shame that schools and universities in Indonesia cannot produce
competent graduates who know what they are doing in real life, who are
capable of contributing to the success of their own nation.

Quoting RST9, about a self-proclaimed ITB graduate, "ignorant fool you
are, ignorant fool you ever will be."
2013-03-08 02:10:06 UTC
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